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@alittlelamb I’ll shout it from the top of a mountain… I love ya lady D!! :)




ok, when you are an achelette or a dianna stan fan you keep rewatching and analyzing things. so before leaving, dianna squeezes lea’s hand twice. you can imagine here, notice better in the video. random cuteness

Oh I love it :D My shipper heart!

I’m reblogging myself to point out that Dianna squeezes twice then Lea does one back before they let go.

The cute! I’m dead.


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Got the idea from this post by karanna1.

“Ways of dealing with an attraction to Rachel Berry according to Quinn:

1. Do not look. You will like it. She’ll have those pouty lips, she’ll be staring at you with those big brown eyes, and her mini skirt will be far too enticing to handle. You will be turned on. You will want to lock yourself in a room with her for days.






Good picture choice

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Okay okay, it is facebook and it sucks. But let’s just see a few things :

Faberry won the AfterEllen poll with ‘only’ 50000+ votes. While Sterek won their poll with 300000+ votes. People thought we were dead when they announced that the next and final step was a “Faberry v. Sterek” poll.

But here we are. It’s tight, very tight. But they’re not crashing us. Why? Do they refuse to vote on Facebook? Maybe. OR maybe the one vote per hour stuff wasn’t really working on AfterElton but now that it’s working on Facebook, oh surprise, less votes for them.

Do you not want to win another poll? To add this one to this long list? It only demands a few minutes of your time each day. Just a click on ‘vote’ and that’s it.

If you’re not convinced by this, let me show you another argument to vote :

Right now Glee is all about Quinntana, while Ryan promised us a Faberry Heaven. Sure, it still can come BUT Ryan’s tweet was a little offensive for our army… Let’s show him and all the others (*Looking at you EOnline*) that Faberry fans are still very much here, let’s show us that Faberry is the only couple that can beat all the others couples, canon or non canon, straight or gay, in February or in October. This is not a phase, this is not a funny thing we decided because Quinn and Rachel hugged a few times on season 3. This is real. It has been there for 4 years and it won’t stop, ever. Because Faberry is more than just a ship on a TV show and us, shippers and fans know it. This is still our edge of Glory, this is still us running the polls, and I think that they need a little reminding of this. ;) So vote, tell people to vote. We have until October 30th to win this, it means only a little more than 10 days. After what we survived, 14 days won’t kill us! :)

The Faberry ship, bitches. VOTE.

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The last one - Rachel gets off the plane train

Quinn and Rachel as Ross and Rachel from Friends 3/3 scenes


AU: Finn thinks Rachel is cheating on him with Sam, when in reality she’s having a secret affair with Quinn.

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